NuRAN and Viettel Announce Joint Collaboration for 5G Base Stations

NuRAN Wireless through its subsidiary Nutaq Innovation has entered into an agreement with Viettel’s Network Technologies Center (VTTEK) (from VietNam) for a 5G Massive MIMO project for the development of a 5G Massive MIMO base station prototype. Both organizations are joining forces in this program that covers the implementation of baseband processing for 5G Massive MIMO as well as the design of a 5G Baseband Processor Unit (BBU) and Remote Radio Units (RRH).

Achieving 5G’s anticipated speeds of up to 1000 Gbps and a thousand-fold increase in capacity requires the development of a multitude of new components and techniques to improve spectral efficiency, accommodate more users including connected devices (Internet of Things), increase data rates, and reduce power consumption.

As part of its contribution to the joint collaboration program, Nutaq will supply its TitanMIMO, the world’s most complete 5G testbed that can support up to 1000 transceivers (or antenna elements) and enables real-time, wideband, Massive MIMO implementation. The system also allows measurement in different channel conditions. In line with its mission for supporting innovation in wireless communication technology, Nutaq will additionally provide dedicated technical staff to support the joint research program.

Viettel has a significant presence in 12 countries in Asia, Africa and America and serves over 90 Million users making it one of the largest telecommunication companies in the World. It also has considerable experience with universalizing telecommunications in many developing countries, therefore understanding that connecting people is a basic need.