NetComm Wireless and Ericsson Demonstrate Next-Generation nbn Fixed Wireless Network

NetComm Wireless, nbn and Ericsson have completed a series of live LTE Fixed Wireless trials that demonstrated a potential upgrade path to 1 gigabit per second (1 Gbps) broadband speeds for regional Australian homes and businesses on the nbn Fixed Wireless Network. The joint trials are the first to demonstrate a range of superfast 1 Gbps broadband speeds delivered on a Fixed Wireless network.

The trial reached a maximum speed of 1 Gbps downstream; and in separate device trials achieved 400/55 Mbps, 250/50 Mbps and 100/40 Mbps speeds. These results show the next potential steps for nbn Fixed Wireless which will be delivered to the regional market as a fully managed nbn 100 Fixed Wireless commercial product in 2018 using Ericsson network technology and the latest generation of Wireless Network Termination Devices (WNTDs) engineered by NetComm Wireless.

The nbn Fixed Wireless Network differs from a mobile network as it establishes a direct connection between the WNTD at the premises and Ericsson infrastructure to enhance capacity and provide a consistent level of broadband speed and performance, even in peak data demand periods. It has the capacity to support the future digital demands of regional Australia using Ericsson infrastructure, NetComm Wireless' WNTDs and Qualcomm's Snapdragon X16 LTE modems to optimize transmission bandwidth and the quality of experience for end users as demand for higher speed services continues to grow.

The Fixed Wireless network delivers specific capacity to premises in precise coverage areas, and certainty in broadband performance is achieved with Ericsson network technology and NetComm Wireless' WNTDs to ensure guaranteed throughput, committed bandwidth, network-grade diagnostics, quality of service and durability in harsh environmental conditions.

Specifically engineered to maximize cell performance and increase spectral efficiency, NetComm Wireless' WNTD integrates a high gain directional panel antenna using advanced MIMO technology. The devices feature advanced carrier aggregation capabilities for increased overall transmission bandwidth and network capacity. The NetComm Wireless Indoor Unit is designed to power the WNTD over Ethernet and deliver a high-speed broadband connection to the premises.