Spreadtrum & Keysight Open Innovation Center to Next Gen Mobile Communications

Keysight Technologies and Spreadtrum Communications ("Spreadtrum") have setup a new Spreadtrum-Keysight Innovation Center in Shanghai. The Center will provide mobile module design and test services to designers working on the next generation of mobile communications innovations. The center will also have technical consultants available to advise on design and test strategies for handling higher frequencies, wider bandwidths, high-speed digital interfaces, and more complicated test requirements under mixed-signal scenarios.

Spreadtrum is a fabless semiconductor company that develops highly integrated, power-efficient chipset platforms for 2G, 3G and 4G wireless communications standards. Building on their technology agreement signed in 2016; Keysight and Spreadtrum have been collaborating on LTE, LTE-Advanced, NB-IoT, MIMO, wideband DPD and 5G technologies for more than an year. This includes the entire product design lifecycle—system level simulations, baseband and radio frequency design and verifications, high-speed digital testing, functional measurement, and more.

The Spreadtrum-Keysight Innovation Center, located at the Yaxin Science Park in Zhangjiang High-Tech Park, Pudong District will provide an open test platform with the latest Spreadtrum samples, as well as new technology verification services in LTE/LTE-Advanced, NB-IoT, MIPI, MIMO OTA, and more. The Center will also hold on-going technical open-day events where semiconductor and measurement experts will deliver the latest technology challenges and solutions, with a goal of accelerating the chip and mobile device product development and testing process.