Infinite Electronics Acquires Kaelus, PolyPhaser, Transtector Systems & RadioWaves

Infinite Electronics, a supplier of engineering-grade wired and wireless connectivity products, has announced that it has acquired Smiths Interconnect's Microwave Telecoms business (SMT). The Microwave Telecoms Business is comprised of the well-recognized solutions-driven Kaelus, PolyPhaser, Transtector Systems and RadioWaves brands. Each of these companies provides a unique set of capabilities and product offerings deployed in critical communications networks worldwide, while also setting global standards through innovation and customer service. Collectively, SMT is committed to ensuring reliable communications network performance from the tower to the core.

SMT brings strong engineering capabilities, world-class manufacturing operations, a diversified set of products that are poised for growth, and have strategic customer relationships with many of the world's largest telecom operators. This acquisition extends Infinite Electronics existing presence in the global telecommunications marketplace by broadening the products, technologies and services Infinite can collectively offer the telecom customer, while also providing attractive sourcing and manufacturing synergies.

In addition to an improved telecom market presence for Infinite, this acquisition will also provide the SMT companies a unique opportunity to more quickly serve its global customer base with a broader product offering through the adoption of Infinite's urgent availability service model. Moreover, SMT's product lines are perfectly aligned to also support new markets such as defense, medical, and transportation, industries already widely served by Infinite portfolio companies.