Microwave & mmWave Semiconductor Packages Now Available on Amazon.com

StratEdge Corporation, has announced the availibility of its high performance semiconductor packages for microwave, millimeter-wave, and high speed digital devices, on Amazon. Selling off-the-shelf high-frequency packages online is a relatively new concept. Unlike other products being sold online, many things have to be considered when selecting a package for a semiconductor chip. StratEdge believes that by providing the frequency, cavity size, number of leads, and specific information for each package, along with the photo, they make it easier for customers and potential customers to purchase their packages online.

StratEdge’s Amazon store is initially offering 11 packages that include the following:

  • Hermetic molded ceramic flatpacks with combo lids
  • Leaded surface mount DC - 18 GHz packages with plastic lid and epoxy
  • Leaded amplifier packages for both KA band and DC - 23 GHz including the plastic lid with epoxy
  • Leadless DC - 63 GHz packages including a plastic lid with epoxy.

Lot sizes include either 10 or 25 pieces. The packages are shipped from their facility in San Diego, California and usually arrive within a week. Additional products will be added to StratEdge’s Amazon store. Click here to buy these packages online.