Cobham Antenna Solutions to Counter Unlawful Use of Drones

Cobham Antenna Systems has announced that they will provide antenna solutions for systems designed to compromise the unlawful use of drones. A selection of these antennas will be on display at AUVSI’s XPONENTIAL 2017 Event from 8 - 11 May in Dallas, USA.

The range consists of four main types of antennas which can be combined or configured for use in a number of scenarios. The antenna types would be Wideband Omni-Directional, Directional Helix, Directional Flat Panel and High Power Ultra-Wideband Directional.

Wideband Omni-Directional antennas can be used for general surveillance applications as well as high power jamming. Multiple wideband omnis can be phase or amplitude matched for use in Direction-Finding (DF) arrays.

Directional Helix antennas provide high gain and efficiency while reducing interference with nearby systems. Two bands can be contained within one unit and circular polarisation allows for the monitoring or countering of any threat.

Directional Flat Panel antennas provide high gain in a small unit size especially for higher frequencies. They can be used for monitoring or signal denial and are available in linear or circular polarisations depending on application.

High Power Ultra-Wideband Directional antennas can cover multiple bands within a single unit providing up to10 dBi gain. High power (100W) and circular polarisation provides a powerful combinations of features.

The antenna combinations will depend on the method of countering Drones, from straight forward jamming, to spoofing and direction finding. Based on the application, Cobham can suggest the optimum solution.