Saelig Debuts Remote-controlled Spectrum Analyzer and RF recorder up to 20 GHz

Saelig has announced the availability of the Spectran HF-80200 V5 RSA rack-mounted real-time 9 kHz to 20 GHz Spectrum Analyzer from Aaronia. Most spectrum analyzers take time to scan through the frequency range and can miss sporadic signals. But the Spectran HF-80200 V5 RSA has been designed to scan from 9 kHz to 20 GHz in less than 20 milli seconds, so that even erratic transmissions or interference can be captured.

This versatile unit which can be mounted on a desktop, in an equipment rack, or even at distant location for remotely assessing signal conditions without requiring personnel to be present. Remote monitoring eliminates costly, inconvenient visits to difficult locations. Mobile use in measurement vehicles or satellite broadcasting vans is also an ideal application for the HF-80200.

The RSA V5 line of 1U rack mount spectrum analyzers includes versions from 6 GHz up to 20 GHz capability. They are supplied with full-featured real time spectrum analyzer software (RTSA Suite), which provides for remote data monitoring, extended logging, remote spectrum analyzer control, and 3D display. The software's intuitive layout and useful display options help to identify, capture, demodulate and track signals up to 20 GHz.

The HF-80200 V5 is controllable through a USB interface or LAN/Ethernet, allowing continuous logging and streaming of almost any frequency range, and direct access to the analyzer through an Internet-connected PC. Like the others in this series, it offers AM and FM demodulation. All of the V5 rackmount spectrum analyzers are housed in a durable aluminum case - ideal for RF shielding - and they feature a built-in 20 dB preamplifier to permit sensing even the weakest of signals. The analyzer has been designed with extremely low noise: the Displayed Average Noise Level (DANL) specification is -170 dBm/Hz (max). Click here to learn more.


  • Country: United States
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