Ultra-Thin Washable RFID Tag Developed for Permanent Installation in to High Value Fashion Apparel

Fujitsu Frontech has developed its thinnest UHF RFID tag for high fashion apparel, garments and accessories. The new WT-A533L washable UHF RFID Fashion tag is only 7 millimeters wide, which enables fashion apparel manufacturers and garment rental companies to easily insert the new tag into garments and other high fashion items without using a pouch or heat-seal tape.

Tracking fashion garments, formal wear, and accessories is critical for garment rental enterprises. The new, slimmer, mini fashion tag allows tags to be easily attached to existing inventory items providing greater flexibility and lower costs for upgrading garments and accessories. Fashion garment designers and manufacturers will now benefit from its small, almost imperceptible design allowing them to provide positive identification of their high value items while reducing incidents of loss and return fraud.

Unlike most washable RFID tags, the new WT-A533L Fashion tag mini is manufactured with a transparent materials, which makes it virtually invisible when sewn into clothing or accessories. Measuring only (7 x 55 x 0.3) mm, the Fashion tag mini can easily be sewn into the sheerest garments, lace, silks, formalwear, even tee shirts and accessories. The new tag is designed for permanent installation into high-value fashion apparel and can withstand home washing, dry-cleaning, and ironing.

Fujitsu expects production availability for the new Fashion tag mini in the summer of 2017. They are showcasing the new WT-A533L Fashion Tag mini as well as its entire family of washable RFID tags at the RFID Journal Live Conference and Exposition from May 9 - 11, 2017 at the Phoenix Convention Center in Phoenix Arizona.