Bluvision Launches Fastest Implementation Real-Time Location System

At the RFID Journal LIVE 2017Bluvision introduced a fast and easy to implement Real-Time Location System [RTLS]. With an implementation time of a few hours, irrespective of environment, Bluvision RTLS-EZ provides one-meter accuracy using minimal infrastructure.

Bluvision's Location-Based Solutions (LBS) including their Zone-based RTLS and RTLS-EZ are all software-based solutions that do not require servers, antennas, cables, or wired infrastructure and provide the lowest cost of ownership and industry-leading accuracy. These solutions are based on Bluvision's end-to-end Industrial IoT ecosystem consisting of low-cost beacons, its BluFi - a Bluetooth to WiFi miniature AC plug-in gateway, and their Bluzone cloud solution. While their initial RTLS solutions revolutionized the RTLS installation process, with large and complex implementations requiring a few days for an area the size of a hangar to account for calibration, RTLS-EZ improves on the implementation process by removing the need for calibration, thus reducing the time for installation in a large hangar to half a day. Click here to learn more.