NXP Launches Power Efficient Global RAIN RFID Chip to Boost Retail Customer Experiences

NXP Semiconductors has launched a new global UCODE 8 RAIN RFID chip that enables omni-channel retailers to improve supply chain management and achieve higher sales, transform consumer shopping experiences and enable brand protection.

The new UCODE 8 is a universal RAIN RFID chip designed to ensure high inventory accuracy on all retail product categories through best-in-class read sensitivity. The new auto adjust feature ensures a consistently high performance read-rate across different product materials and global deployments. Additionally the unique brand identifier feature validates product authentication and helps identify fakes to combat grey market activities. The solution is particularly well-suited for retailers, brand owners, label manufacturers, system solution companies and others seeking to use top-notch RAIN RFID technology for supply chain management and brand protection.

The Chip platform features auto adjustment to deliver consistent readability when used on different materials across different frequency ranges. This feature lowers cost by reducing the need for dedicated regional antenna designs. The automated error correction for memory data also improves data accuracy and ensures that memory data content will remain unchanged over the entire product lifecycle. Its dual-axis glue spacer design and large area gold contact pads can reduce failure rates caused by mechanical stress at the antenna contacts and thereby eliminate performance degradation.

The UCODE 8 pushes the envelope by creating a chipset that is optimized across many other use cases such as functions on conveyor systems in dense packages, handhelds on loading docks, overhead systems in warehouses / retail floors, exit portals for loss prevention, or close-range readers for point-of-sale or parts verification. It powers inlay products in all of [Auburn Retail Categories] ARC’s current approved categories (A, B, C, D, F, G, I, K, M, N and Q) and meets the demands of the inlay industry from not just global tags, but from truly universal tags used in the different use cases as well.