Analog Devices Relocates its Incubation Lab to Downtown Boston

Analog Devices has now decided to relocate its “Analog Garage” innovation center and corporate incubation laboratory from its current location in Cambridge, Massachusetts to downtown Boston. The move, according to the company supports its commitment to growth through innovation as well as expansion. The new facility will accommodate an additional 80 to 140 hires and drive the development of new technologies and solutions.

In addition to providing space and resources for employees to conceptualize and test new ideas, the Analog Garage also provides critical resources for early stage ventures to accelerate their own disruptive ideas. Through mentoring and strategic partnerships, they have collaborated with academic institutions and entrepreneurs developing offerings in sensors, machine learning, security, energy harvesting, energy storage and signal processing based solutions across multiple industries.

The new garage occupies 25,000 sq. ft. in the newly renovated 125 Summer Street building overlooking South Station & the Greenway and is considerably larger than the current location.