Aaronia Introduces Plug-and-Play Handheld Isotropic Antenna for 3D Measurements

Aaronia has introduced a new ultra light, Portable 3D Tracking Antenna that operates from 9 kHz to 6 GHz. The IsoLOG 3D Mobile is a handheld isotropic antenna, compatible with any spectrum analyzer. It is a plug and play solution for 3D measurements in limited time frames. The antenna requires no software installation, no power connection and no hardware changes. It is connectable via a N (male) connector to any analyzer or oscilloscope.

Each IsoLOG 3D Mobile Antenna includes an internal, rechargeable battery, offering a run-time of 6 hours, and a switchable low noise bypass preamplifier. The integrated amp allows measurements of very low-powered signals. The antenna can be controlled via USB or via manual antenna selection mode, requiring no USB connection.

Aaronia has also integrated an ultra-fast adjustable "chopper" function. Using special, glitch free RF switches this feature offers an automatic endless antenna rotation/selection with a switching duration of up to 50 kHz. This feature transforms the IsoLOG 3D Mobile into a fully functional 3D antenna without the need of any USB software control. The antenna measures 340 x 75 x 75 mm, weighs 350 g and is available in a waterproof transport-case, accompanied with a pistol grip with tripod functionality. It has a 10 year manufacturer warranty. Click here to learn more.