New MIMO Over the Air Test Solution for Initial Trials & Deployments of 5G Applications

Bluetest, a leader in reverberation chamber technology for MIMO OTA (over-the-air) measurements, has introduced a 5G extension package to their RTS65 reverberation chamber. The new 5G extension package consists of a number of options that enable MIMO OTA measurements for initial trials and deployments of 5G applications.

One of the new features is an extension of the chamber frequency range to 40 GHz (from the standard frequency range is 650 MHz to 6 GHz range). This extension covers the 28 GHz band that is being tested as a 5G band in North America and Asia. Another new feature introduced in the 5G extension is a multiple antenna addition that now allows for measurements with up to 16 parallel channels.

Bluetest introduced these new functionalities to enable tests of antenna efficiency and passive MIMO/diversity gain up to 40 GHz using a VNA. The measurements are just as fast and easy as the sub 6 GHz measurements, without generating excessive chamber loss. Receiver sensitivity, transmitter power, and conformance testing like ACLR and spurious emissions can be supported on both user equipment and base stations using non-signaling signal analyzers and vector signal generators. Click here to learn more about this 5G Test Solution.