New Smart Antenna 802.11ac Wave 2 Access Point Provides Largest Signal Coverage

Altai Technologies, a leading supplier of carrier-grade WiFi products and technologies is introducing a new smart antenna 802.11ac Wave 2 carrier-grade outdoor access point. The upcoming Altai AX500 series will provide the largest signal coverage among 2x2 802.11ac wave 2 access points in the market. Altai will be releasing this product at CommunicAsia 2017 in Singapore next week.

With different antenna options (sector/omni/external), the IP68-rated AX500 series is designed to deliver unparalleled WiFi experiences to mobile users for outdoor deployments, ranging from high-density public hotspots to large coverage narrowband IoT hubs. The Altai AX500 series uses the latest smart antenna technology and is able to provide LOS access up to 1 km, the largest coverage among 2x2 802.11ac Wave 2 access points market.

Combined with AltaiCare and its powerful access control features and advertisement engines, the new series delivers best-in-class WiFi hotspot solutions for high density deployments. The superior coverage and capacity makes it the best solution for smart city projects.

In conjunction with the functionality and feature rich AltaiCare platform, enterprise/service providers can manage their WiFi networks and collect data easily and economically for big data analytics. Enterprises can also opt for either off or on-premises AltaiCare versions, depending on their business requirements.

Some of the features of the AX500 series include:

  • Multi-beam smart antenna to adaptively transmit traffic to each client by selecting the best beam that optimizes performance and range
  • MU-MIMO to increase capacity of the series substantially by allowing simultaneous transmissions from the AP to multiple clients
  • Integrated high gain dual-polarized antennas offer reliable and consistent performance to mobile clients that are constantly changing their orientation
  • Advance interference mitigation to provide significant reduction in interference
  • AirFi technology to enhance clients' throughput based on signal strength and traffic

Altai Technologies will be showcasing their entire lineup of the Altai Super WiFi products, the new AX500 series and AltaiCare at the CommunicAsia 2017 event next week.