New RF Mixers from ADI Simplify Design & Reduce Time to Market for Industrial Applications

Analog Devices has introduced a series of wideband, passive, in-phase quadrature RF mixers for the 2.5 to 42 GHz frequency range. The HMC819x mixers provide significant benefits compared to alternative discrete options available today and are ideal solutions for industrial applications such as test and measurement and defense electronics that require wideband support. Over 10 discrete components would be required to cover this same frequency range, as compared to what can be achieved with ADI’s three (HMC8191, HMC8193 and HMC8192) new devices without any compromise in performance. ADI’s HMC819x mixers are the only wideband solutions available in a standard SMT package, allowing them to be integrated efficiently in order to decrease overall design time and risk, while speeding up time to market.

The HMC819x series' RF and LO bandwidth of 2.5 to 42 GHz along with wide IF bandwidth enable military or test and measurement applications to simplify design implementation while still maintaining superb RF performance. The series achieves exceptional isolation on the order of 35 dB or greater for both LO to RF and LO to IF isolation and greater than 20 dB of RF to IF isolation. The inherent I/Q architecture of the mixers accomplishes image/sideband rejection of 25 dBc or greater without the use of expensive external filtering thus overall reducing bill of materials cost. Input IP3 greater than 20 dBm is realized over the wide bandwidth while maintaining low conversion loss and high dynamic range. Well-matched LO driver amplifiers have been listed to drive the LO port of each mixer with low input power.

Pricing and Availability

HMC8191: Frequency range from 2.5 to 8.5 GHz at a price point starting at $54.42.
HMC8193: Frequency range from 6 to 26 GHz at a price point starting at $29.42.
HMC8192: Frequency range from 20 to 42 GHz at a price point starting at $57.40.