AirTies and Broadcom Announce Strategic Alliance for Wi-Fi Mesh Solutions

AirTies and Broadcom, have announced a joint strategic alliance to collaborate on managed Wi-Fi Mesh systems designed to satisfy the performance, coverage, management and mass deployment requirements of today's forward-looking operators and Internet Service Providers (ISPs). Unlike traditional Wi-Fi, which relies on a single Wi-Fi Access Point (AP) embedded in a home gateway/router, managed Wi-Fi Mesh networks use the gateway/router and multiple APs to deliver improved whole-home Internet coverage and provide advanced performance monitoring capabilities.

AirTies is a global provider of premium in-home wireless systems. The alliance, which was declared at the 2017 Connected TV World Summit in London, will allow AirTies to provide carrier grade, home Wi-Fi solutions to service providers worldwide.

AirTies' Wi-Fi Mesh compatibility will now be a default feature in all of Broadcom's wireless platforms like router, DSL, GPON, DOCSIS and Video Decoding CPE platforms (i.e. residential gateways or set-top boxes) as part of the new Wi-Fi driver software. AirTies' versatile software will turn residential gateways and wireless set-top boxes into an additional Mesh Wi-Fi access point, thus reducing the costs needed for additional APs in the home.

For homes requiring additional APs (Access Points), AirTies will provide dual band concurrent APs built on various Broadcom chipsets/CPUs (i.e. BCM4366E, BCM4360, BCM43217, and BCM47081). These compact APs include Client and Band Steering technology to ensure devices always connect to the best available AP and frequency band (2.4 GHz or 5 GHz) based on real-time network usage. The APs also provide Channel Management, which improves performance in high interference Wi-Fi environments. To provide a fully managed experience, operators can also use AirTies' Remote View software, a cloud-based performance monitoring platform used by field support and network engineering teams to optimize in-home Wi-Fi and gain valuable real-time insights.