Winco Fireworks Launches First-Ever Bluetooth Enabled Fireworks Device

Leading fireworks distributor, Winco Fireworks has launched FireFly, a device that enables users to design, test and launch their own fireworks show directly from their Bluetooth smart device. The new module allows users to start and stop a show from their Bluetooth-enabled device up to 50 feet away, giving them a safer experience while putting on a high-quality fireworks show in their backyard.

Winco’s FireFly is an easy way to enjoy fireworks, letting users customize and launch their own fireworks show. With the new, easy-to-use FireFly module and app, consumers will now be able to:

  • Easily shoot fireworks directly from a Bluetooth-enabled Android or Apple mobile device
  • Use the app's Show Designer Tool to design, test and sync their fireworks show to their phone's downloaded music
  • Launch fireworks from up to 50 feet away with the FireFly app for a safer, more enjoyable experience
  • Design a show and calculate fuse and firing times with pre-loaded Black Cat Fireworks shows built into the app
  • Launch up to 15 fireworks to design a complete show, or fire one-by-one in manual mode
  • Elevate celebrations for years to come with FireFly's reusable connection cables

The FireFly retails at a price of $224.99.