Interference Hunting Tools for the 600 MHz 4G and 5G Networks


PCTEL has announced 600 MHz network testing capabilities on its IBflex® scanning receiver and SeeWave® interference locating system. Following the Federal Communication Commission’s 600 MHz broadcast spectrum auction, wireless operators in the United States are planning 4G and 5G network deployments on this spectrum. PCTEL’s product suite supports initial spectrum clearing and propagation validation at 600 MHz for both 4G and 5G networks. The IBflex also supports complete RF signal measurements for 600 MHz LTE network deployment and optimization.

Smooth network rollouts require spectrum that is clear of interfering signals. Interference was a major problem for operators using LTE networks operating in the 700 MHz band, which was also previously allocated for broadcast networks. The same issues are expected at 600 MHz. SeeWave is a field-proven interference hunting tool, used by Tier-1 carriers across multiple U.S. regions to locate and mitigate interference in their networks.

A single IBflex can be leveraged for a variety of network engineering activities. The IBflex provides RF signal measurements for 600 MHz LTE networks as well as all currently deployed cellular bands and technologies. It also supports spectrum clearing and CW testing across its entire 10 MHz to 6 GHz range. Finally, the IBflex provides the spectrum analysis engine for SeeWave, as well as PCTEL’s specialized tools for DAS commissioning and antenna verification testing.

Existing IBflex scanning receivers and SeeWave software can be upgraded remotely to support, the recently auctioned 600 MHz band (E-UTRA band 71). PCTEL also provides a new antenna for the SeeWave interference locating system which covers the 600 MHz band.

PCTEL is demonstrating its full range of network testing solutions at the Wireless Infrastructure Show in Orlando, Florida from May 22-25.


  • Country: United States
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