HUBER+SUHNER Showcased 5G Solutions at SCWS World 2017

At SCWS World 2017, an event focused on Small Cells, WiFi and DAS, HUBER+SUHNER, showcased its vast portfolio of solutions for 5G deployment. The event was held in London from May 22 - 25, 2017.

HUBER+SUHNER showcased the new NEX10 miniature coaxial connectors designed specifically to meet existing and future demands of small cell networks for 4G and 5G networks. These connectors are robust, small in size, have excellent PIM stability and flexibility and offer different coupling mechanisms, such as torque/screw and push-pull. The NEX10 interface’s robust design eliminates any damage or operator errors during installation and is optimized for cable sizes of up to ¼” corrugated cables. The weather protection boot, which is part of the interface, makes it optimum for outdoor use under extreme weather conditions.

With the journey to 5G reshaping the world of connectivity in a powerful way and it being difficult to predict all twists and turns of the transformation, all of HUBER+SUHNER solutions can be tailor-made to customers’ requirements, whether it is for connecting small cells, fibre management in data centers, GPS over Fiber, network monitoring, macro cells, Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS), maximizing revenue with existing fibre infrastructure, or protection switching. Their 5G offering claims to support any architectural needs for a modern and future proof transition towards 5G.

They also showcased the SENCITY antennas for DAS applications and other solutions for Small Cell wireless infrastructure. The company has developed a product portfolio that specifically addresses the needs of indoor and outdoor Small Cell deployments, comprising an entire family of robust and easy-to-install fibre optic cable systems, supporting the build-up of daisy chains in various environments like football stadiums, bus stations, hospitals and university campuses.