Microwave Devices Market to Reach $11.86 Billion by 2024


Research and Markets has released a new report that estimates the size of the Microwave Devices Market from 2014 to 2024. According to the report entitled "Microwave Devices Market, 2014-2024", the global microwave devices market is estimated to reach USD $11.86 billion by 2024. The market growth over the forecasted period is primarily due to the increasing demand for microwave devices from military and defense industry. The growing usage of mobile phones in the emerging economies, will also contribute to the rising remand of microwave devices. 

Another fast growing sector is the medical industry. Advancements in healthcare facilities are expected to further improve the market growth in these regions, due to increased production of low-cost and affordable medical devices. The North American region has developed medical infrastructure and the latest technologies for facilitating extensive use of these devices.

Technological proliferation, in the medical industry, are anticipated to enable the use of advanced technologies such as microwave ablation. This technology uses a microwave, which is focused on the infected tissue and heated, to avoid excess nerve damage. Furthermore, these devices are also used to remove unwanted tissue mass such as a tumor. They are widely used in medical applications, owing to their short wavelengths, which reduce excessive surface penetration, and ability to allow precise ablations. The devices are mainly used in treating diseases such as skin cancers, uterine fibroids, and corneal ablation.

The increased implementation of C-band in weather radar systems, Wi-Fi, and satellite communication is also anticipated to drive the market growth. This growth is characterized by optimum performance, in terms of low signal loss and high frequency range.

The market research report covers a diverse range of topics related to the growing industry such as:

  • Methodology and Scope
  • Executive Summary
  • Market Snapshot
  • Microwave Devices Market Variables, Trends, & Scope
  • Microwave Devices Market: Band Frequency Outlook
  • Microwave Devices Market: Application Outlook
  • Microwave Devices Market: Regional Outlook
  • Competitive Landscape 

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