18 to 110 GHz Circulators Provide 200 Watts of Power Handling

Smiths Interconnect has introduced a new series of high power circulators under its Millitech brand. The HPC Series have been designed to operate from 18 to 110 GHz, accommodating critical millimeter-wave radar and communication bands. These millimeter-wave circulators are capable of providing protection, isolation, and duplex capability to high power transmitters and receivers. They are also ideal for traveling wave tube transmitter protection. Smiths Interconnect will be showcasing the HPC series and other microwave solutions at IMS 2017 from June 4 - June 9, 2017 in Hawaii.

The HPC Series circulators are able to withstand 200 Watts of continuous wave RF power, with peaks power ratings near 2000 Watts. Typically, these ferrite circulators exhibit an insertion loss below 1.0 dB up to 40 GHz and less than 2 dB up to 110 GHz. They provide an isolation of over 18 dB from 18 GHz to 110 GHz, with port-to-port isolation greater than 26 dB available for some configurations. VSWR ratings of 1.3:1, or less, are typical in all frequency bands, with some configurations providing less than 1.1:1 VSWR.

Housed in high precision machined assemblies, the HPC Series circulators use industry standard rectangular waveguide input and output interfaces to provide the lowest loss and highest signal fidelity. The carefully designed assemblies also enable reliable performance under conditions of high power and extreme temperatures. These ferrite circulators can also be employed as isolators with the appropriate ports terminated.