Microsemi Unveils Wideband GaAs MMIC Devices up to 27 GHz

Microsemi has released a new family of wideband plastic packaged and chip monolithic microwave integrated circuit (MMIC) devices. The new products add to a growing portfolio of high performance wideband MMICs and include four plastic packaged low noise amplifiers (LNAs), MMA040PP5, MMA041PP5, MMA043PP4 and MMA044PP3; a wideband power amplifier (PA) chip, MMA053AA; and two plastic packaged switches, MMS006PP3 and MMS008PP3. They will showcase these new MMIC products at the IEEE International Microwave Symposium (IMS2017) being held in Honolulu, Hawaii from June 6-8, 2017.

The new packaged amplifiers include two new distributed LNAs (MMA040PP5 and MMA041PP5) which outperform competitive parts over a wider frequency from DC to 27 GHz with a gain of 17 dB and OIP3 of 35 dBm. They are packaged in a small 5 mm plastic QFN package ideal for size constrained applications. Two additional wideband LNAs (MMA043PP4 and MMA044PP3) provide exceptionally low noise figure from 0.5 to 18 GHz with typical NF below 2 dB and no more than 2.5 dB at the band edge.

The two new wideband GaAs switches (MMS006PP3 and MMS008PP3) have improved insertion loss and isolation over a wider frequency range from DC to 20 Ghz when compared to competitive parts. These are housed in 3 mm plastic QFN packages which are ideal for high performance requirements in constrained size applications. The devices require minimal off-chip logic to control simplifying system level integration.

A wideband PA chip (MMA053AA) has also been introduced. It maintains a flat gain of 17 dB and high OIP3 of 35 dBm from DC to 8 GHz, exceeding the performance of competitive parts. Offering superior pricing, customers can leverage all these devices’ leading performance capabilities to meet demanding system and module line-up requirements with minimal DC power consumption.

Microsemi’s new MMIC wideband LNA, distributed wideband MMIC power amplifier and wideband MMIC switches are ideal for a number of front-end signal chain applications within the aerospace, defense and industrial markets, including test and measurement, electronic warfare (EW)/electronic countermeasures/electronic counter-countermeasures, high linearity microwave radio, and unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) and other military communications applications. Global market research and consulting company Strategy Analytics estimates that GaAs MMICs sold into the EW, radar and microwave communications markets will reach $500 million by 2019.

Key features of the new MMIC devices include:

  • MMS006PP3 Switch
    • DC-20 GHz single pole, double throw (SPDT) switch in 3x3 mm QFN plastic package
    • Evaluation board: MMS006PP3E
  • MMS008PP3 Switch
    • DC-8 GHz single pole four throw (SP4T) switch in 3 x 3 mm QFN plastic package
    • Evaluation board: MMS008PP3E
  • MMA040PP5 LNA
    • DC-27 GHz distributed LNA in 5 x 5 mm QFN plastic package
    • Evaluation board: MMA040PP5E
  • MMA041PP5 LNA
    • DC-25 GHz distributed LNA in 5 x 5 mm QFN plastic package
    • Evaluation board: MMA041PP5E
  • MMA043PP4 LNA
    • 0.5-12 GHz Wideband LNA in 4 x 4 mm QFN plastic package
    • Evaluation board: MMA043PP4E
  • MMA044PP3 LNA
    • 6-18 GHz LNA in 3 x 3 mm QFN plastic package
    • Evaluation board: MMA044PP3E
  • MMA053AA PA
    • DC-8 GHz distributed PA Chip

Microsemi’s new family of MMIC devices - including the four wideband LNAs (MMA040PP5, MMA041PP5, MMA043PP4 and MMA044PP3), a distributed wideband PA chip (MMA053AA) and two plastic packaged switches (MMS006PP3 and MMS008PP3) - are sampling now.

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  • Country: United States
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