everything RF Introduces BuildBot - A Website Builder for Engineering Companies


At IMS 2017, everything RF has introduced the most powerful website builder tool for product driven engineering companies. You no longer need to go to a developer or agency and spend large amounts of money to get your website developed.

BuildBot.io starts at only $100/Month and enables you to build a powerful website where you can add your complete product catalog, press releases/news stories, events, distributors, application notes and white papers and much more. Lead generation is also built in to the platform, allowing you to capture leads. All websites are optimized for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and support HTTPS encryption. We have partnered with Amazon AWS to host the websites and to ensure that there is no downtime.

Every website on the BuildBot.io platform is powered by our custom-made CMS (Content Management System) that is super easy to use. It has been developed to specifically cater to product driven engineering companies.

The best part about BuildBot.io is that  that the set up takes only 30 seconds and is FREE for the 1st 3 Months. Our team can help you migrate your data from your existing website to the BuildBot platform. Visit our Booth to learn more.

Key Modules of BuildBot:

Products: Create categories and add all your products to your website. Products in each category can be shown in a list view, grid view or table view.

Each product will have its own page where you can add product specifications, a description, images, videos, pricing, datasheets and other related documents.

An inquiry/quotation form shows on each product page, allowing users to request information. The inquiry can be direct to email addresses of your choice. They can also be seen in the BuildBot Admin Panel.

White Papers & Videos: Add all your whitepapers and videos to your website. You have the option to enable collection of user details before allowing the download for each white paper.

News: Add your latest press releases to your website. You can also link to news stories on other websites from here.

Events: Add events that you will be visiting. As the event passes, it automatically shows the next upcoming event.

Distributors and Sales Reps: Add all your distributors and sales reps to your website with their contact information. Users will be able to sort them by country/state.

Homepage: Your homepage can be customized to fit your requirement. You can add in content and move sections up/down on the page.

Analytics: Google Analytics integrated directly in to BuildBot to give you details about your website traffic.

There are many more modules - Clients, Testimonials, Team, About Us, Contact Us etc. You can also add in any number of additional pages to your website. Stop by the everything RF Booth #749 at IMS to learn more.

We have over 20 design templates that can be customize to match your brand colors/theme. We can even customize a theme based on your requirement. All designs and templates and inherently responsive, making your website look great on Desktops, Laptops, Mobiles and Tablets.

Responsive Design

Upcoming Features: More Design Customizations, More Lead Generation Tools, Create Landing Pages, Newsletter Tools, Analytics, e-commerce integration and much more! You will get access to these new features as and when they are released.

Stop by the everything RF Booth #749 at IMS to learn more.

Click here to sign up for BuildBot.io - Its FREE to try.

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