X-Microwave Platform now features ADI Products as Drop-In Modular Blocks

Analog Devices has collaborated with X-Microwave to help designers evaluate RF components and prototype complete signal chains more effectively and efficiently. In the first phase of the effort, X-Microwave will feature more than 250 ADI RF, microwave and millimeter-wave products as drop-in modular blocks.

X- Microwave’s innovative resources allow engineers to easily evaluate new RF components and build signal chains simply by arranging the “modular building blocks” and simulating the designed system with its online tools. This is in contrast to traditional, cumbersome system development methods that require a designer to connect multiple evaluation boards using dozens of cables.

Together, Analog Devices and X-Microwave aim to enable system designers to access the industry’s most capable products in a simple evaluation and prototype format, easing their design process, shortening time to market and reducing development costs.