u-blox Introduces Automotive Grade Telematics Modules for Connected Cars

u-blox has introduced a new series of Automotive Grade telematics modules. The TOBY-L4 series integrates LTE, UMTS and GSM connectivity with a powerful embedded processor, enabling a wide range of applications on a single device.

Connectivity is at the heart of the TOBY-L4 LTE Cat 6 modules, providing full gateway capabilities in a single device capable of delivering up to 300 Mbit/s data rates with carrier aggregation capability. It’s extremely small 248-pin Land Grid Array (LGA) format measuring just 24.8mm by 35.6mm by 2.6mm meets the size/weight/power limitations of in-car applications.

The module supports both voice and data in the form of LTE, UMTS/DC-HSPA+, GSM, SMS and Voice (VoLTE and CSFB). With support for e-Call (operating also at +95°C for at least 2 minutes) and ERA Glonass, the module meets all the industry and carrier current day requirements and is also future-proofed for all automotive OEM's key regions.

With 19000 DMIPS and hardware virtualization, the processor in the TOBY-L4 modules is powerful enough to safely and flexibly support Linux/Yocto distribution, allowing software applications to run securely alongside a wide range of pre-integrated communications protocols on the same device, enabling full application scalability without fear of hitting processor performance bottlenecks.

Since security too is a critical feature in any connected device, the new series addresses this through the integration of secure boot and update features, supported by a hardware cryptography accelerator and true random number generator. A dedicated trusted execution environment provides further security for system software and OEM applications. Thanks to its embedded processor and comprehensive range of interfaces including R(G)MII and analog audio, TOBY-L4 removes the need for an additional processor and additional components in many applications, saving space, power and cost.

The modules are qualified to ISO 16750 covering systems installed in vehicles, making it ideal for automotive OEMs. The series of four modules provide extremely comprehensive band configurations, allowing the module to operate in the all markets of the world, throughout North America, EMEA, APAC/Brazil and China.

u-blox showcased these advanced modules at the TU-Automotive Detroit Conference and Expo being held in Detroit, USA from 7 to 8 June, 2017.