NXP Introduces High Power Density RF LDMOS Transistor for Avionics

At IMS 2017, NXP Semiconductors introduced a compact RF LDMOS transistor for use in defense and commercial pulse applications with large duty cycles and long pulses, such as IFF, secondary surveillance radars, ADS--B transponders, DME and other complex pulse chains. The AFV10700H operates from 1030 to 1090 MHz and provides more than 700 watts (W) of pulsed power.

The AFV10700H is based on NXP’s leading-edge Airfast technology and is contained in a small NI-780 air cavity package, which occupies 40 percent less space than the standard NI-1230 package used by other LDMOS solutions with similar power levels. It has on chip matching and excellent thermal resistance which further reduces the weight of the transistor by enabling smaller heatsink designs.

The device outputs 700 W P1dB at 1090 megahertz (MHz) with 50 volts (V) and 56 percent efficiency. If operated at 52 V, it can achieve 850 W P1dB at 1030 MHz with 52 percent efficiency. The low thermal impedance supports high duty factor pulse trains, such as Mode-S Extended Length Message (ELM) and Link 16.

The AFV10700H transistor is in production now and is supported by a reference circuit for 1030-1090 MHz narrowband operations. NXP showcased this new transistor at the International Microwave Symposium 2017, in Honolulu.