Sasken Showcased Automotive Accelerator Solutions at TU-Automotive Detroit 2017

At the TU-Automotive Detroit 2017 event last week, Sasken Technologies showcased its automotive expertise with their automotive accelerator solutions that can help automakers reduce time-to-market of connected and autonomous cars.

Products Showcased by Sasken included:

  • ADAS Validation Solution, which is used to simulate complex drive scenario, generate test video data, along with sensor modelling to test vision-based and sensor fusion algorithms for the autonomous car. This solution enables OEMs to test their ADAS Systems for accuracy & failure points.
  • ECU Consolidation solution, which can be used by OEMs to virtualize ECUs thereby reducing cost while ensuring safety. Sasken demonstrated its hypervisor-based consolidator to virtualize infotainment and cluster system and enable it to run on shared-hardware mechanism. It’s solution addresses the key challenges in consolidating the IVI and ICS functions of the cockpit domain to bring cost advantage to customers without compromising on the safety and functionality of the car.
  • Smart Mobility Platform, which empowers OEMs, dealers, fleet owners, insurance, and car rental companies to leverage Sasken’s expertise in OBD-II dongle development, telematics, application development, data analytics, and predictive maintenance. The solution helps improve customer brand loyalty, boost operational efficiencies, and provide better service center efficiencies.
  • Sasken’s Android IVI offering provides customers with a stable Android-based infotainment platform which can be used to customize and add OEM specific features. This enables OEMs to focus more on getting differentiated Android-based infotainment products to the market faster without worrying about maintenance.
  • In partnership with Confidex, Sasken also demonstrated NFC-based Dynamic Parts Authentication (DPA) solution at the event. The solution helps stakeholders and customers in the automotive industry identify counterfeit products thus boosting sales and profits lost because of unfair competition.

TU-Automotive Detroit, is considered to be the largest connected and autonomous car conference and expo in the world. Over 150 speakers were part of the two-day event which was attended by more than 3,000 senior industry professionals from over 30 countries. At the event, Mr. Ram Ramaseshan, Senior VP and Head, Automotive and Industrials Business Lines at Sasken delivered a thought leadership session on Autonomous vehicle validation – Accelerate time-to-market and optimize costs using a simulator based approach. The presentation covered the challenges and risks associated with validation in real environments and in simulation-based approaches for ADAS validation. He also addressed how scenario and sensor simulation based approaches provide an alternative that can reduce cost, risk, and time-to-market significantly.