NI and PTC Collaborate to Bring IoT Education to the Engineering Classroom

National Instruments has announced a new Internet of Things (IoT) teaching solution with a suite of advanced tools. Professors and students can take advantage of these teaching tools, which consist of the myRIO Student Embedded Device, LabVIEW toolkits, PTC’s ThingWorxs software and projects created by Tufts University, to build real-world IoT applications in the classroom.

The integration of myRIO and the PTC ThingWorxs online tools fosters innovative learning experiences that rapidly connect real-world measurements to cloud-hosted analysis and visualization through LabVIEW system design software. An online community built specifically for educators to collaborate on cutting-edge lab experiences hosts these learning resources.

The goal of this teaching solution is to use technology and methodologies that engage students and augment traditional courses like electronics and mechatronics. The result is the acceleration of engineering research and student discovery through IoT. NI's partnership with thought-leading companies and universities such as PTC and Tufts drives a new approach in this space.

Educators who are ready to bring IoT into their existing curriculum can apply for a summer beta program. The program gives educators early access to an all new LabVIEW toolkit, student focused projects and industry support that deliver a new approach to education using cloud technology and an opportunity to provide feedback on the solution itself. You can sign up for the Beta Program to learn more.