Ka-Band MMIC High Power Amplifier for Wireless 4G/5G Infrastructure Applications

MicroWave Technology, a division of IXYS Corporation, has released an advanced GaAs/AlGaAs pHEMT-based Ka-band Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuit (MMIC) high power amplifier. The MMA-273336-M5 is used by a major wireless communication equipment manufacturers for high data rate links for 4G/5G wireless infrastructure applications.

The MMA-273336-M5 is a Ka-band MMIC power amplifier that operates between 27 to 33 GHz, providing 35 dBm (over 3W) of output power at a 1dB gain compression point and exceptional 36 dBm (4W) of output power at a 3 dB gain compression point. The typical small signal gain of this PA is 22 dB across the band. The IM3 level is -40 dBc at 20 dBm output power per tune. The DC bias conditions for this MMIC power amplifier are 6 volts and 2.8 amperes on the drain and -0.9 volt on the gate.

The MMA-273336-M5 is fully matched for both input and output terminals for easy cascading and is packaged in the low cost M5 (5 mm x 5 mm) surface mount package with excellent thermal characteristics. The mean time before failure (MTBF) for this high power amplifier is over 100 years at 85 degrees C. Evaluation boards for this and other power amplifiers from MicroWave Technology are available now.