Communications & Power Industries Unifies Antenna Businesses Into Single Division

Communications & Power Industries (CPI) has announced that it is combining the operations of its advanced antenna-related business units into a single division, with immediate effect. The former CPI Malibu Division and the former CPI ASC Signal Division together will be known as the CPI Antenna Systems Division.

The combined division will be headquartered in Whitby, Ontario, Canada and will maintain operations in Camarillo, Calif. and Plano, Texas. This new division will be led by Tony Russell, who previously was the president of the CPI ASC Signal Division. Steve Lonngren will serve as senior vice president of the new CPI Antenna Systems Division, reporting directly to Mr. Russell, and will continue to lead the Camarillo, Calif.-based operations of the former CPI Malibu Division.

Unifying these business units into one division enables CPI to better focus its antenna-related resources to create a more seamless development and manufacturing process for advanced antenna customers. Previously, although both CPI ASC Signal Division and CPI Malibu Division offered government and commercial customers advanced antenna technology for defense and communications applications, each addressed a specific segment of the market. CPI ASC Signal Division focused on larger antennas (above 2.4 meters in diameter) and limited-motion communications and radar applications, while CPI Malibu Division focused on compact antennas used in full-motion, high-precision, rapid-response applications, such as data links and telemetry. Combining these business units into the new CPI Antenna Systems Division brings together the talent and resources of these two divisions, fusing the best expertise, designs and technologies from each organization to create a seamless and broad portfolio of advanced antenna technologies that cover a wide range of requirements and platforms, from satellite earth stations to unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).