Northrop Grumman’s MMIC Portfolio Supports All 5G Frequency Bands

During the IMS2017, Northrop Grumman's Microelectronics Products and Services (MPS) announced that its MMIC products aligned with the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) 5G frequency allocations.

Northrop Grumman offers a suite of mmWave MMICs that can be used for 5G applications. With the expanded 5G network frequencies, it’s MPS technologies and products can be used to provide low noise, high linearity/ high output power and/or frequency conversion across all the 5G frequency bands. The products meet user demands for multi-media access, high QoS and anytime access.

MPS’s low noise and high power technologies and products provide a differentiating advantage that allows operators the ability to maximize the number of users and revenue generation. The Northrop Grumman power amplifiers provide the high-linearity performance near peak output power levels required for complex modulations, which optimizes the data throughput within the FCC allocated bandwidth. This same performance advantage is realized in the 5G receivers through the use of the Northrop Grumman low noise amplifiers utilizing its GaAs and InP technologies. Between the power amplifiers, the low noise amplifiers and the mixers, they can address all of the 5G frequency bands.

At the IMS2017, Northrop Grumman engineers also presented high power and high efficiency chipsets for Ku-Band, Ka-Band, V-Band, Q-Band, E and W-band communications, and on optimizing ground, airborne and space-based communication links using it’s advanced semiconductor products and technologies.

The MPS team also presented enhanced gallium nitride manufacturing options showing the transition of communications products in everyday use.