ZTE Showcases its 5G Integrated Solution at MWC Shanghai 2017

At MWC ShanghaiZTE Corporation unveiled a comprehensive suite of solutions for 5G wireless access, core networks and bearer networks to help operators fast-track 5G commercial network deployments. ZTE's new 5G integrated solution uses a fully cloud-based network architecture design and will provide customers with integrated 5G network infrastructure to drive service and business model innovations, and will also offer support for 5G industry standards as they evolve.

The network slicing function included in ZTE's 5G integrated solution supports multiple services and application scenarios, and is able to adapt to a wide-range of business models for operators and industrial verticals. The closed-loop application development and operation system based on DevOps facilitates rapid service release and deployment, enabling operators to accelerate service innovations and business growth.

The flexible cloud architecture enables operators to build open networks with wireless access, core network and bearer network all based on SDN architecture, enabling operators to generate new value from their operations.

The industry-leading 5G RAN solution of ZTE supports the integration of all bands and multiple access modes, and promotes multi-network operations to adapt to a variety of applications of 5G networks. The Cloud ServCore core network is based on cloud native service architecture, with user-defined network functions and capabilities to meet the needs of development, testing, release and constant iterations.

ZTE's 5G Flexhaul bearer network provides flexible and large capacity for the transmission with ultra-low latency and SDN-based dynamic network resources adjustment, which are required by a flexible, efficient and unified future-proof 5G bearer networks.

The solution facilitates smooth evolution from 4G to 5G to protect operators' investment in existing networks. ZTE's industry-leading Pre5G Massive MIMO solution uses key 5G technologies in existing 4G networks, and supports smooth software upgrade to 5G. The future-proof technology architecture and universal hardware platform of Cloud RAN and Cloud Works further guarantee support for true 5G standards as they evolve.