LG’s Latest Flagship Smartphone Features IDT's Wireless Power Solution

Integrated Device Technology has announced that they have teamed up with LG to enable wireless charging in some of their flagship smartphones. The IDT wireless power chips are integrated into the sleek new LG G6 state-of-the-art feature-rich models. IDT’s advanced wireless power technology includes all of the hardware and software needed to efficiently charge mobile devices with any charger deploying both WPC Qi technology and AirFuel Inductive standards.

LG’s integrating wireless power options into its smartphones is another indicator that this technology has crossed the chasm of technology adoption and become a feature consumers expect. Beyond convenience, wireless power contributes to the robustness and waterproofing of the G6 design.

The IDT wireless power receiver offers excellent integration, efficiency, and takes up minimal solution area. The device is based on a flexible 32-bit ARM M0 core architecture that has allowed LG to optimize wireless charging performance. IDT offers expertise and experience in leading edge, best-in-class efficient, wireless power transmitters and receivers. To get more information, click here.