Lab-grade Outdoor Test Device Captures Real Life Network Issues for Debugging and Troubleshooting

Sarokal Test Systems, the manufacturer of innovative mobile network fronthaul test solutions, has released a new outdoor lab-grade test device called X-STEP Outdoor. For the first time, lab-grade debugging and troubleshooting capabilities are introduced to field use.

X-STEP Outdoor provides the field technicians, both at the operator's and device manufacturer's end, the means to capture real life network problems and recreate them in the lab. It is also possible to leave the device at the site and let the manufacturer's engineers capture and analyze the flow of data remotely.

As the networks evolve towards 5G, network complexity increases and all possible configurations and scenarios cannot be tested and predicted in the manufacturing labs. For this reason, it is imperative to have field operable lab-grade tools to be able to efficiently solve the problems that occur in real life networks in the field. The problem is that if no information exists about the actual error situations that take place in the field, they cannot be corrected back in the lab. Click here to learn more about Sarokal Test Systems.