Cain-Forlaw to Represent Anokiwave in Central United States

Anokiwave has appointed Cain-Forlaw Co. as their sales representative for the central United States region. The agreement aligns with Anokiwave’s goal to support new customers and opportunities in central U.S. with a highly-technical sales and applications team.

Cain-Forlaw has been a technical manufacturers’ representative for over 45 years and is the largest geographical RF/MW representative in the country. They are focused on providing world class sales and customer service to the electronics industry. They have a presence in Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Texas, Indiana and Ohio.

This agreement will enhance the technical support that Anokiwave can provide to customers in the central U.S. region and help promote their mmW Active Antenna Core IC solutions. Cain-Forlaw offers a seasoned sales team who are knowledgeable in the key areas in which they serve and is ideally positioned to drive the adoption of Anokiwave's solutions into the 5G, RADAR, and SATCOM markets.


  • Country: United States
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