Affirmed Networks Introduces Fine-Grained Network Slicing Across Multiple Network Environments

Affirmed Networks has introduced a new Network Slicing solution, Virtual Slice Selection Function (vSSF), enabling fine-grained network slicing across legacy, virtualized and multi-vendor network environments. It also supports fine-grained selection of network resources for 5G networks delivering operators a "5G Ready" solution now.

Currently, operators are generally limited to the use of APNs (Access Point Names) to allocate network resources. This approach is highly inefficient and time consuming as it requires configuration across multiple network elements and does not offer fine-grained control of network resources. As a result, overall profitability of services is diminished as operators are unable to effectively optimize network resources. The Affirmed vSSF resolves these challenges by delivering a "one-touch" centralized function that transparently inserts into existing networks without requiring configuration changes, making it easy to build network slices across any network.

It allows network resources to be allocated by device type, service type, customer ID, location, time-of-day and essentially any other attribute, giving operators unprecedented flexibility and control in assigning network resources to meet the needs of a specific service. Mobile operators can now deliver differentiated services maximizing profitability and providing an exceptional quality of experience. The Affirmed vSSF represents the industry's only solution capable of providing network slicing over legacy, virtualized and multi-vendor network environments both today and in future 5G networks.

Network slicing is fundamental to operators seeking to scale across different industrial sectors. By making network connectivity part of the fabric of an enterprise process, operators can diversify their customer base and increase revenues massively and sustainably. In 4G networks, virtual EPC, in combination with dynamic resource selection, offers operators the opportunity to introduce commercial "slicing" propositions in the near-term. One of the challenges of using dedicated core networks and APNs is the integration and management overhead. To fully take advantage of slicing, operators need to simplify resource allocation processes.

Combining the vSSF with other Affirmed innovations, such as the Affirmed Service Automation Platform, operators can rapidly deploy network slices and new revenue generating services, reducing the time-to-market and operational costs by as much as 90%. Adding the Affirmed Virtual Probe, operators receive real-time analytics on individual slices and services, enabling them to improve service quality, reduce network support costs and identify new service opportunities. Click here to know more.