Park Electrochemical Introduces a Copper-Clad Laminate for RF Applications

Park Electrochemical has introducted a new copper-clad laminate designed specifically for RF applications requiring a tightly controlled 3.5 Dk. The Meteorwave 3350 exhibits the same thermal robustness, ease of processing and CAF resistance as all of the other materials from the Meteorwave Family. It is also compatible with all Meteorwave prepreg styles. In addition, It has very stable Dk and Df over a wide range of frequencies and environmental conditions. Meteorwave 3350 is available globally in multiple laminate thicknesses from 0.002” and up. This laminate performs very well in cellular base stations, automotive radars, power amplifiers and microwave link applications.

Meteorwave 3350 is a member of the UL designated Meteorwave Family of materials. It has a UL 94V-0 designation and a 130°C MOT Rating. Meteorwave 3350 meets IPC-4101/91 and /102 specifications and NASA outgassing requirements, and is RoHS compliant. Click here to learn more.

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