Fractal Antenna Systems Confirms Breakthrough Metamaterial Antenna Technology

Fractal Antenna Systems

Fractal Antenna Systems has developed a new proprietary antenna technology with broad applications, particularly in point to point access with directional antennas.

The new technology is enabled by the firm’s fractal metamaterial discoveries and inventions. Fractal metamaterial devices are populated by closely packed ‘self similar’ shaped electromagnetic structures. Developed by the firm, the use of fractal metamaterials has already resulted in a broad range of critical attributes. Now magnification ability publicly joins the list of essential practical advantages.

The new antenna technology, referred to as “FM/R”, has the advantages of smaller size, wider bandwidths, and high efficiency, at high magnification, or “gain”. In addition, it has a unique characteristic of being nearly agnostic to its form factor shape. This means that most conventional, prescribed ‘fishbone’, ‘arrowhead’, and ‘bubble’ shapes for directional antennas are obsolete, or severely limited in comparisons of their footprint, supporting electronics, and cost. In addition, the FM/R antennas may replace several directional antennas at once, diminishing coveted tower and building real estate needs for antennas.

CEO and inventor Nathan Cohen feels that other companies have oversold the case of metamaterials for lens-like applications, and ended up with ‘me-too’ technology of limited practical value. 

Cohen attributes previous impediments to a failure to recognize the potential afforded by: “Greater sampling of the nearfield, through fractals. The physics was sound, but the assumptions about how to apply it were stuck in an age-old rut.”

They waited several years before publicly releasing FM/R Technology. Several key patents have been issued to the firm in the last few months, and many others are pending, making the company the unique source for this valuable technology.

The firm has already taken orders for its new FM/R technology from selected customers and will be announcing off-the-shelf FM/R product in October. In addition, an explanative science video, a signature of Fractal Antenna Systems, will be released in the Fall.

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