AdauraTech Introduces 4-Channel RF Attenuators for Demanding Wireless Applications

With the introduction of new wireless and IoT products, the testing requirements have become more complex and expensive, as a result, these are not always done correctly or to the extent that they should be done. This results in lower performance of these new products and ultimately unhappy end users. To address this problem, AdauraTech has introduced a new 4-channel programmable digital RF attenuator which significantly simplify wireless testing while ensuring ultra-high performance.

The new AD-USB4AR2 attenuators feature a unique design that provides 4 channels in one compact package with innovative new engineering to deliver exceptional chain-to-chain isolation, greater than 100 dB. The result is a solution that enables the testing of a much wider range of wireless applications with improved results, delivered at a better price and with greater ease of use than existing solutions on the market.

AdauraTech's multiple channel attenuators are available in a compact package with a single digital interface to control multiple channels. For many applications, 63 dB of total attenuation and chain-to-chain isolation is sufficient to provide excellent performance – but more advanced applications require even greater capabilities. The AD-USB4AR2 provides greater than 100 dB of chain-to-chain isolation with a patent pending new design, which significantly suppresses adjacent RF leakage levels. All of this is done with a design that keeps the cost down, and is paired with AdauraTech’s software for ease of use.

While the wireless industry reaches new technological breakthroughs in efficiency and affordability, the supporting infrastructure of test & measurement equipment has changed very little. High cost and complexity have long reigned supreme. This causes problems for both small and large corporations alike:

  • Small startups in IoT and wireless industries cannot afford the large expense and complexity of yesterday’s testing equipment, which means they often don’t validate if their wireless products will actually work in the real world. Too often this results in a negative experience for their customers which impacts customer loyalty.
  • Large companies need to innovate quickly to stay competitive, and in order to do so, they need high performance testing equipment that is easy to implement and use, while also being dependable enough to handle heavy testing loads for years to come.

AdauraTech solves both of these issues with integrated hardware and software solutions that deliver ultra-high performance with easy computer control in a compact form factor. The AdauraTech AD-USB4AR2 programmable digital attenuators are available now. Click here for more information.

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