US Army Awards Harris Corporation with Manpack Radio Delivery Order

The US Army has awarded Harris Corporation with a delivery order to supply its multi-channel Falcon III HMS (Handheld, Manpack & Small Form-Fit) Manpack radios. The order was received during the first quarter of Harris' fiscal 2018 and is meant for the army’s test events.

The Harris AN/PRC-158 multi-channel radio - both dismounted and mounted manpack configurations - is one of three radios the Army selected for evaluation during Field-based Risk Reduction (FBRR) and Operational Test (OT). The order also includes vehicle installation kits, ancillaries, training and field service representative support. The first radios are expected to be delivered in the spring of 2018.

Harris’ HMS Manpack radio features a two-channel, software-defined architecture with integrated cross-banding. It includes SRW, SINCGARS and MUOS SATCOM waveforms, while maintaining backward interoperability with legacy waveforms. The software-defined architecture enables the addition of capabilities through software updates to respond to new and emerging threats.