California State Legislators Notified about Health Risks of Deploying 4G/5G Cellular Base Stations

Martin Pall, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry and Basic Medical Sciences at Washington State University, has notified California state legislators of the risks involved in the 4G/5G Cellular Base Stations and antennas envisioned in Bill SB.649. This bill would take away local government rights over infrastructure like utility poles, lamp posts, and other public facilities and will give wireless companies the option to lease this infrastructure at low rates for installing high frequency antennas. These antennas (and their related equipment on sidewalks), will be placed as close as every 2-3 houses.

Dr. Pall is an expert in how wireless radiation impacts the electrical systems in our bodies. According to Dr. Pall - Wireless emissions disrupt the electromagnetics of each cell, impacting one aspect of the cell, the voltage sensor, with a force over 7 million times as compared to other parts of the same cell. The FCC guidelines for microwave radiation consider only potential heating effects from the radiation, but not the electromagnetic effects.

In a Letter to Legislators, Dr. Pall said - It would be a disaster for the health of Californians to be exposed to the antennas envisioned in SB.649. Thousands of published studies show biological and health effects from electromagnetic fields. We now know the mechanism that can explain these effects. The EMFs put forces on the voltage sensor that controls the VGCCs (Voltage-Gated Calcium Channels) of about 7.2 million times greater than the forces on other charged groups in our cells. This is why weak EMFs have such large biological effects on the cells in our bodies.

Accompanying Dr. Pall’s Letter to CA Legislators are references to 134 Scientific Reviews, each of which provides from 12 to over a thousand individual citations showing health impacts of low intensity EMFs, EMFs that the telecommunications industry claims cannot have such effects.

According to Dr. Pall, higher frequency electromagnetic fields from 5G technologies on the horizon pose an even greater biological concern than those to which we are exposed today. The human species faces extinction risk due to the DNA mutations known to be already occurring, and that further increases in exposures.

Several other states have similar legislation in process, whereby utility poles, street lamps and other municipal infrastructure would be leased to wireless companies at low rates for placement of small cell, high-frequency antennas, densely placed throughout neighborhoods.

Over 200 California cities, major CA newspapers, the AARP and the California Alliance for Safer Technology, an alliance of health and environmental advocacy groups, are opposed to SB.649, and for a myriad of reasons, including the usurpation of local government authority over municipal infrastructure, economic and financial concerns, privacy considerations due to pervasive antennas, liability for data misuse, real estate devaluation, aesthetics, historic preservation, environmental risks, and the health and DNA risks addressed in Dr. Pall’s letter to legislators. Click here to learn more.