Aerohive Encourages Adoption of 802.11ac Wave 2 Dual 5 GHz Access Point Technology

Aerohive Networks is now experiencing rapid adoption of its innovative and market-leading dual 5 GHz-based 802.11ac Wave 2 access points. Dual 5 GHz delivers greater network efficiency and performance, as well as higher returns on investment (ROI) and now accounts for 45% of Aerohive’s access point sales in Q2 of 2017.

Aerohive innovation has delivered self-learning, artificial intelligence-assisted, software-definable radios (SDR) coupled with proven RF-IQ technology that can dynamically optimize dual 5 GHz environments for maximum efficiency and performance. It’s AP250 and AP550 have both 802.11ac 5 GHz fixed and software-definable radios that can transmit on either the 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz band. This allows the APs to operate in either 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz mode or dual 5 GHz mode.

The latest updates enable these Aerohive access points to autonomously adapt with current environmental and client conditions, mitigating congestion challenges and providing higher network capacity and performance gains. These access points result in a better ROI than fixed-band radios, as both fixed and software-defined radios can be used at all times to serve clients.

Many customers have adopted Aerohive’s SD-LAN-based dual 5 GHz solutions since their launch last year and have seen great success, including City Furniture, Edmonds Community College, London Metropolitan University, Greenville University, and Fresno City College, to name a few. City Furniture, operating under the Ashley Furniture HomeStore brand, is the largest furniture retailer in South Florida. To accomplish mobility across the company, City Furniture wanted to upgrade from its existing Cisco 802.11g network to a high throughput, 5 GHz-capable solution which allows all showroom iPads and corporate laptops at City to utilize the 5 GHz frequency with minimal channel congestion and better throughput. City Furniture deployed Aerohive AP250 and AP245X access points, with HiveManager Classic Online for cloud network management. With this radio intelligence, City Furniture gains flexibility, better network efficiency and optimized network design.

The London Metropolitan University, one of the oldest educational institutions in London which wanted to redesign its archaic wireless network for better ROI and connectivity deployed the Aerohive AP250s to take advantage of the latest software-defined radio technology to move campus users onto the 5GHz band when additional network performance was required.

With the entire networking world moving toward the software-defined model making the dual 5 GHz solution compelling, Aerohive has uniquely overcome many technical challenges to isolate radios to support simultaneous dual 5 GHz operation in a compact AP form factor, and give control back to the end user instead of the vendor, with software-defined radios that let them deploy the radio in the best mode they see fit for their environment. This not only gives the end user the best Wi-Fi experience, but also dramatic cost savings by deploying one AP instead of two with less interference, equipment, cabling, and power consumption.

Software-defined radios allow network managers to continue support 2.4 GHz clients, and as this legacy client base dwindles away, they can be re-used to add more capacity in the 5 GHz spectrum.

Aerohive will be hosting a webinar on the advances and benefits of software-defined radios on August 17. Click here to know more about Dual 5 GHz functionality and register for the webinar.