Furukawa Electric Begins Production of Stealth Dicing Tape for Semiconductor Wafers

Furukawa Electric has begun the mass production of expanded separation dicing tape, to be used with semiconductors. Expanded separation dicing tape delivers high-grade separation of IC chips from wafers after the stealth dicing process.

With the emergence of IoT, semiconductors will need to offer increased functionality in order to process and utilize the huge amounts of big data that are generated by sensors and modules that power the Internet of Things. These components are expected to become thinner and denser over time. Higher grade cutting and separation (dicing) of IC chips from wafers will be required to meet these needs, and a variety of manufacturing methods are already being proposed.

In conventional manufacturing processes, mechanical methods are used to dice wafers into several IC chips. However, in order to obtain chips with better yields and improved quality, methods in which it is made easier for wafers to be broken into chips (such as using a laser to form a modifying layer inside the wafer) and in which wafers are separated and cut by expanding semiconductor tape applied to wafers in a radial direction are gaining some attention.

In addition to not breaking even under high speed/high pull expansion conditions subject to heavy loads, expand separation dicing tape offers uniform expansion without any internal stretching ("necking"), allowing for wafers to be separated in excellent condition regardless of chip size. The product also offers excellent expansion and preservation characteristics between chips, helping to significantly reduce process machining time. Die attach film (DAF), a crucial component in mounting semiconductor chips, can also be separated and cut along with the chips, resulting in reliable pickup functionality.

Product Features & Data/Specifications

  • In addition to separating wafers via expansion using semiconductor tape, the product offers superior DAF separation and expansion/preservation characteristics between chips, allowing for simple pickup.
  • The tape is available in a roll shape with circular DAF attached to dicing tape. Standard length of 100 m/roll; tape thickness varies by type (100 to 200 μm).