Fujitsu Introduces Sensor-Based IoT System Development Platform

Fujitsu has launched its BlueBrain development platform for high-performance IoT applications, available with a development breakout board and interface board, allowing designers to easily create a wireless monitoring and data collection system via Bluetooth.

Jointly developed with CRATUS Technology, the BlueBrain platform features a high-performance CORTEX-M4 microcontroller from STMicroelectronics and a Bluetooth Low Energy wireless module from Fujitsu Components. The embedded hardware, software, and industry-standard interfaces and peripherals reduce the time and expertise needed to develop and deploy wireless, sensor-based products running simple or complicated algorithms.

The Breakout Board provides switch inputs and LED outputs to test I/O ports and functions, as well as programming interfaces for proof of concept and application development. The Interface Board provides additional sensors and interfaces and may also be used in parallel to expand the development platform.

The BlueBrain Edge Processing Module attaches to a standard, 32-Pin 1.6 x 0.7 inches EEPROM-style IC socket, or equivalent footprint, on a mezzanine board to address specific markets and applications including industrial, agriculture, automotive and telematics, retail, smart buildings and civil infrastructure.

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