S-Parameter Models for Vanguard Inductors and Transformers Now Part of The Modelithics Library

Modelithics has partnered with Vanguard Electronics to develop S-Parameter models for their inductor and transformer components. Associated S-parameter files are available to designers as free downloads, from Modelithics’ website, for use in RF design simulations. The S-parameter models (with additional features) are conveniently included in the SPAR Library contained within the Modelithics COMPLETE Library.

The S-parameter models and data files are now available for selected component values from seven inductor families, including the 26,000 (1111 case size), 26,200 (1111), 27,000 (1111), 30,000 (1111), 33,000 (1613), 34,000 (1613), and 50,000 (0708) series. Transformer S-parameter data is also now available for the R-series, S-series, M-series, and K-series.

The models and data files offer simulation of each component up to 6 GHz on a single specified substrate. For each series, a detailed S-parameter model datasheet has been developed that outlines important measurement details, such as substrate, land pattern, reference planes, available part values, and frequency range. The datasheets also include representative S-parameter data plots for each inductor and transformer series.

The S-parameter model (SPAR) format is a convenient packaged configuration of S-parameter data for each inductor and transformer family. The model is formatted to work seamlessly with popular EDA tools, including Keysight ADS, Keysight Genesys, and NI AWR Design Environment. SPAR models have some very useful capabilities that are beyond those of individual S-parameter files. They are accessible directly from the palette or part selector in the EDA software environment. In addition, one S-parameter model contains the measurement data for all indicated values, so the component value can be selected within in the model without removing and replacing a new element into the schematic. This part-value selectability feature also allows for discrete optimization when using the SPAR models alone or in combination with other active and passive models within the Modelithics COMPLETE Library.

Vanguard Electronics is a Strategic Modelithics Vendor Partner (MVP) and is currently sponsoring free 30-day trials of all Vanguard models in the Modelithics library.

Click here for a free trial of all the models.