Rogers Introduce New Laminates for 5G and Other Millimeter Wave Applications

Rogers Corporation has introduced new ceramic filled, woven glass reinforced PTFE composites for Millimeter Wave Applications. The CLTE-MW laminates are designed to provide low thermal expansion and dielectric constant stability. These laminates are available with a full range of cladding types, including Electrodeposited, Reverse Treated or Rolled copper foil and Resistor Foils. They are well suited for applications that have limitations in thickness due to either physical or electrical constraints.

CLTE-MW laminates were developed to provide a cost effective, high performance material for the circuit designer. The seven available thickness options from 3 mils to 10 mils ensure that ideal signal to ground spacing exists for today’s 5G and other millimeter wave designs. In addition, a variety of copper foil options are available including rolled, reverse treated ED, and standard ED. Resistive foil and metal plate options are also available upon request.

CLTE-MW laminates are reinforced with spread glass, which minimize the high frequency glass weave effects on electromagnetic wave propagation. Their woven glass reinforcement also provides excellent dimensional stability. Other key features of the laminate include low z-axis CTE (30 ppm/°C) for excellent plated through hole reliability, a low loss tangent of 0.0015 at 10 GHz to enable low loss designs, and low moisture absorption of 0.03% to ensure stable performance in a range of operating environments.

Thermal conductivity of 0.42 W/(m.K) enables heat dissipation in aggressive designs along with a high dielectric strength of 630 V/mil to ensure good z-axis insulation between conductor layers. The UL94 V-0 flammability rating enables the use of CLTE-MW laminates in commercial applications.

CLTE-MW laminates are well suited for a range of applications including Amplifiers, Antennas, Baluns, Couplers and Filters. Applicable markets range from Commercial and Consumer to Defense and Aerospace. For more information on CLTE-MW laminates, click here.