Modelithics Introduces S-Parameter and Noise Models for Guerrilla RF Broadband LNAs

Modelithics has introduced new S-parameter and noise parameter models for five packaged Guerrilla RF broadband ultra-low noise amplifiers. They have also added Guerrilla RF as a MVP (Modelithics Vendor Partner).

Through this program, the two companies will collaborate to characterize five ultra-low noise broadband amplifiers including four LNAs from Guerrilla RF's GRF207x series and the GRF 2501DSR LNA. The MVP program enhances the collaboration and communication during vendor device characterization and modeling, and expands the promotion of devices for which new data and/or models are available.

The LNA devices are designed for high performance RF applications at various frequency bands where ultra-low noise figure and high gain and linearity are required. They have been characterized using Modelithics’ proven and trusted RF device measurement expertise and the noise and S-parameter data for the Guerrilla RF devices are now available for use in high frequency design simulations.

In addition to available data files, each device also has a Modelithics S-parameter (SPAR) model version, which can be installed into multiple EDA tools for seamless integration into electronic design simulation schematics. SPAR models are also included within the Modelithics COMPLETE Library of advanced simulation models for all types of passive and active electronic components. The Guerrilla RF low noise amplifier SPAR models and associated data files are capable of broadband S-parameter and noise prediction up to 8 GHz. Click here for more information.