Autoliv Radars for Autonomous Driving Selected by Global Automaker

Autoliv has been selected by a global automakers for its leading 77 GHz high-resolution radar systems for autonomous driving. As a leading automotive manufacturer in the race to bring more automated and ultimately autonomous vehicles to the market, Autoliv is recognized for its commitment and unique strength in ADAS development.

Their high-resolution radars, located on the four corners of the vehicle, allow for increased detection points, leading to improved ability to understand free space, better object separation in multiple target environments, and more precise detections in Blind Spot Warning and Rear Cross Traffic Alert.

The 77GHz radar systems by the company see oncoming vehicles and autonomously manage lane changes during highway driving. The front and rear radars provide different functions for the vehicle; the front corner radars support object and free space detections, while the rear corner radars contribute to object detection, blind spot warning, and rear cross traffic alert.

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