QuickSmith - An Online Smith Chart Based Linear Circuit Simulation Program

One of the most feature-filled examples of RF design software available today is QuickSmith by Nathan Iyer. It is a Smith Chart based linear circuit simulation program that can be used via a website.

Nathan has released a Web-based version of QuickSmith on a GitHub server, which means it works on any platform with a browser - desktop or mobile (some features are not accessible on mobile). Access is free, and design files can be saved and reloaded rather than losing work once website is left. Being online also means that the latest version is always available.

Some of the features offered by the program are:

  • Ladder network, elements are loaded using drag drop method.
  • Open and Save functions for schematic files
  • Impedance matching - Frequency/component sweep
  • Load impedance interpolation/extrapolation for frequency dependent loads
  • Q factors taken into account for network components
  • Amplifier design/analysis using gain/noise circles
  • Insertion loss and S21 graphs
  • Transmission line parameter calculations
  • Constant Conductance, VSWR and Q circles
  • Import and Export of data files
  • Help files with solved examples of network matching and amplifier design

Click here to try it out!