Empower RF demonstrates next generation HPA software update capability


A next generation, “size matters” 1 kW Power Amplifier from Empower RF Systems, already deployed at a customer site overseas, had its operating software and user interface successfully updated via a software patch that was downloaded from a secure web portal and installed with a USB drive inserted directly into the back panel of the amplifier.  The upload process was streamlined for “ease of use” with a self extracting and self loading file that contained all updates, confirmed successful installation, and automatically reset the amplifier monitoring, control and performance parameters.  No operator intervention or procedures were required other than downloading the software file onto a USB drive and inserting the drive into the USB port on the back of the unit.

This unique capability will allow empower RF to update, trouble shoot and monitor amplifier operation without having to be physically present at the client site like with traditional amplifiers. The feature rich menu now available on these high power amplifiers includes not only the software update process recently demonstrated, but also real time monitoring, protection and control, sensor driven dynamic adjustments to the amplifier while in operation, remote user access, and a selection of communications protocols that can be enabled by the end user during system set up.  The software update capability can also be exercised via a “direct connect” link, if permitted by the customer, from Empower to the fielded amplifier via the amplifier’s embedded web server.

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